Mohawk (NASDAQ: MWK) is a rapidly growing, technology-enabled, consumer products company founded on the premise that if a company selling products was founded today, it would be created based on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

We are reinventing how to rapidly and successfully identify new product opportunities by leveraging our proprietary software technology platform, AIMEE.

As a Testing Engineer you will be responsible for creating standard testing process, developing test protocols for various types of products, conducting product tests, evaluating product safety and performances, to facilitate the company’s project team to review product technical data and select the right products for further development. After testing, you will report the existing and potential product defects and/or failures, provide suggestions or request for corrections, working with Quality Engineer and the relevant suppliers to improve the product, to ensure the final selected products to meet the company’s standards and to get higher customer review ratings. This position will be required to work in alignment with internal functional teams including Product Management, Sourcing, Purchasing, Quality & Engineering teams in New York and Shenzhen offices, and you also need to communicate with suppliers for the product improvement, work with 3rd party testing labs and suppliers to arrange necessary product tests in their premises.


  • Define and optimize product testing program, to ensure the program support company’s product development and business decisions.
  • Develop testing protocols for various types of product categories, conduct in-house product tests, including electrical and mechanical tests, report results and propose solutions for product issues.
  • Organize tests with 3rd party labs and suppliers, review reports, make dispositions for results, and provide suggestions and/or request for corrections.
  • Verify the product technical documents, include the product specification, test report, compliance certificate & report.
  • Manage product testing schedules based on project priorities, keep tracking product testing status, update dashboard, ensure on-time completion of product testing for all new projects.
  • Attend regular project team meetings, report product testing status, collaborate with functional teams to drive successful and on-time new product development.
  • Work with Quality Engineer and suppliers to improve the product design quality during New Product Development.Provide technical consults to support Project Teams to select right products for further development.
  • Control and maintain test equipment in the Testing Lab.
  • Complete other tasks as assigned by Manager.

Essential Skills and Attributes

  • Education: College or above, majoring in Electrical and/or Mechanical Engineering.
  • 5+ years of working experience in product testing, certification, and/or quality control for household electrical appliances / consumer products.
  • Familiar with NPD (New Product Development) project management;
  • Has strong technical knowledge about safety, performance, and quality requirements of various types of consumer products, especially household electrical appliances;
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills, including the ability to break down complex problems, systematically identify root causes and propose solutions.
  • Strong communication skills, ability to work as a “partner” with various stakeholders, adept at working with and influencing both technical and commercial stakeholders;
  • Fluent in oral and written English.
  • Strong PC skills, including excellent knowledge of the complete Google suite, Microsoft office applications.
  • Strong adaptability under high pressure and flexibility to change.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Working experiences in well known 3rd party Lab or Certificate Bodies;
  • Knowledge of product safety and regulatory requirement in the US and Europe markets, such as UL/ETL, FCC, DOE, CEC, FDA, CAP65, CE, EMC, LFGB, etc;
  • Familiar with ASTM standards for consumer products, such as Household electrical appliances, kitchenware, furniture, textile, etc.;

The higher qualified candidate will be offered as Sr. Testing Engineer role.

Job Location: Shenzhen, China

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